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Arduino MEGA 2560

Navigate around via ultrasound, freak the hell out of real dogs
Using a
Edit: 2 Dec. 2013-New photo of external USB access added. Read more

Arduino Mega 2560, Dagu Rover 5, and Dagu 4 channel motor controller

I have a Dagu Rover 5 (4wd), a Dagu 4 channel motor controller, and an Arduino Mega 2560. I am looking for a simple image showing the wiring and a default sketch. I would like to make my robot mobile, but have been running into a wall as far as setting up the Rover 5 to be controlled by the Arduino Mega (dealing with the encoder data, etc.). Any help and input would be much appreciated!

Six months ago I bought my first Arduino.  Bought it at the Shack.  I'd never worked with electronics, but I had to replace a momentary switch on my computer and … Read more
This is only complete in so far as it is a completed intermediate step in the development of another machine, but as a test platform I won't be developing it any … Read more

Sharp IR and voltage drops in large systems

I don't know why I decided to put a Sharp IR (GP2Y0A21) in K-9.  Probably because it's smaller than the HC-SR04 that I'm so much more used to.  In any case, I got a general system assembled and decided to test it using essentially the same branching that I used on Maus.  It seems to go into its obstacle avoidance routine at random.  It definitely reacts when it "sees" something, but also often when there's nothing in front of it.  What I'm wondering is could the "Analogness" of the sensor be what's killing me?

Dagu 4 channel motor controller

I just got the dagu 4 channel motor controller and will very soon be recieving a set of four (2 left, 2 right) mecanum wheels. I want to use this motor controller with my mecanum wheels for the project that i am working on right now, but I have abslutely no idea how to program this motor cotroller, even for a normal drive system (I haven't ever used actual motors, only servos, so of course i havent used a motor controller either. If anybody knows how to do this, I would appreciate the help.

There's a science fiction novel I have, (About a robot of course.) Where a secondary character attempts to use some time management software to schedule a minor … Read more

Newbee: Arduino MEGA and ultrasonic URM37 V3.2

I tried to start with developing something with my new Arduino (DFRduino
Mega 2560).