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voltage converter

Joule Thief

There is not much to document in this project. I built a Joule Thief....who didn't ;-)

Mine is powered by a LR44 button cell (1.5V) and it light up a white LED which usually needs a minimum of 3.3 voltes to light up.

I just built it to test how long the LED can light with this one battery (it might be interesting for throwies). 

Will update the blog when the battery is completely depleted.

Power on time: January 14, 2012, 3:30PM

Critique my power system--Please!

Edit.  I got into a discussion with Chris the Carpenter about pricing and alternate parts sources, and found an interesting item on Ebay that should work out.  See the bottom of my post for more.

I'm in the planning and parts procurement stage of a relatively (for me at least) complicated robot project.