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Question about sending integers using virtualwire.

// Tested with IDE 20 and VirtualWire 1.4, only working with those.
// RF Link using VirtualWire to Transmit messages
// simplex (one-way) receiver with a 315MHz RF Link Transmitter module
// tx pin 3 on Duemilanova (arduino)

Number up to 180 from C# serial print mapped to servo movement

Okay, I'm thinking the title probably isn't very descriptive but it's late and it's the best I can do. Basically, I've written a program in C# (I shall unveil this on here in a few days) that ouputs a value between 0 and 180 based on certain conditions. I want to be able to take this value and print it over the serial and read it at the Arduino end as an integer, so i can just have myServo.write(int).

At the moment, in C# I'm using sp.Write(int.ToString()); but I can use the same command to write a byte array and a char array.