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Spider controller

Service Droid Wiring w/ 4 Channel Controller and Spider Controller

Been working on wiring up Vader (my Service Droid) using a Rover 5, Dagu 4 Channel Controller and Dagu Spider Controller.  Since I've never used this channel or these boards before I drafted a poor man's schematic in Powerpoint of what I think the wiring should be.  Would appreciate a peer review before implementing it. It's a little rough, but when cleaned up it could be useful to anybody else building a Service Droid kit as well.


Few questions about Spider Controller (DAGU)

Hello all!

I'm newbie and I have few questions about Spider Controller (from DAGU).

1) When USB is plugged and the battery is plugged too - which source of power controller will be use for servos?

2) As i understand, If i use analog servos I should plug it to PWM-outputs. And digitall servo can be plugged to any output. Am i right?

3) Can't understand what is the role of ON/OFF switcher. It is for battery only?


Many thanks in advance.

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Houston--Concepts for a young machine

I've been planning, shopping, ordering parts, and waiting for what seems like forever. I want to show you guys what I've been working on, but it's still just a pile of assorted parts while I wait for certain important odds and ends to get it all together. But a couple of weeks ago I put together a sketchup model to get an idea of some sizing and fit and finish. Since I couldn't upload the model, instead I offer a few screenshots of what I've been working on.