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toner transfer

My PCB Adventures...

Inspired by Birdmun's adventures in PCB's I decided to try my hand at it. I'm no guru, in fact I'm pretty noobish to this whole thing but I thought I'd share some of the things I've worked out with the help of friendly LMR'ers.

All the equipment I'm using is standard stuff that some folks may already have around:

1. Laser Printer. I had an inkjet which will work using a different method that employs special boards made for UV etching but I             picked up a Brother HL-2240 for $60. It was the cheapest no-frills LP I could find.

Gathering experience with homemade PCB

Oi, yesterday and today I have been trying to make a homemade PCB using Eagle for designing the PCB and printing with a laser printer onto some glossy advertisement paper from junk mail. After several attempts I still haven't gotten a good transfer of toner to the PCB (check images) and I'm wondering if I should just design my PCBs and then send the design files off to Olimex for production


Toner Transfer PCB

Yesterday, I made my first PCB since about 1978!  I used the toner transfer method, and it worked really well.  It's a little break-out board for an Atmel AVR, the ATmega8.  I've also allowed space on the board for a couple of extra chips (up to 18 pins) and four TO-220 driver transistors, for things like stepper motors.  Today, I'm drilling the holes in the board (1mm) and I expect I'll solder in the parts this evening.