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Md23: the revenge

Hello :) I'm here again to annoy you with my md23 :)

So, a new board has arrived, but now the question is: how do i feed it without possibly burning it ?

I was planning to buy a 12V lead acid battery for the robots, are there some issue i should know? something like the fact that it gives 15V when you least espect it ? :)

Btw, if i would like to use the 12V unregulated adapter, how could i "regulate"  the output?

Also, could i use a PC power supply? It should be switched-mode, right ?

burnt md23 :(

Ok, i burnt my brand new 50€ worth MD23 motor controller. I'm deeply desperate... I was all excited about its arrival with all the RD01 kit, i was all happy about the incoming testing and building and having fun with it, when suddendly all the magic smoke came out of it and dispersed for good. :(
BWAAAAAA :( i'm so saaaad :(

Sniff, ok.. So i'd like to at least have some idea of what happened, becouse i have none.. How can it happened ?
This is the chip that smoked: