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4 channel controller

Service Droid Wiring w/ 4 Channel Controller and Spider Controller

Been working on wiring up Vader (my Service Droid) using a Rover 5, Dagu 4 Channel Controller and Dagu Spider Controller.  Since I've never used this channel or these boards before I drafted a poor man's schematic in Powerpoint of what I think the wiring should be.  Would appreciate a peer review before implementing it. It's a little rough, but when cleaned up it could be useful to anybody else building a Service Droid kit as well.


U7 got fried for some reason :(

I just got my Dagu 4 Channel Motor Controller, already a small part gave some smoke and one motor channel is not working anymore.

All four wheels were turning at the same time before the channel4 got fried.


  VCC to Arduino 5V

4 PWM on the motor controller to 4 PWMs on the Arduino uno.