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Battery has 3 wires??!!!


Sorry if I'm being naive but I just got a lithium -Ion rechargeable battery pack (8.4V 2000mAh(2C)) and guess what..Yeah it has got 3 wires (a red one,a yellowish creamy one and a black one).Now could u please tell me what each one means and also the need for doing this.Btw what does 2C mean ?

Thanks in advance.


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Using a
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The heart lights up when you hug him
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My first robot..........

So I've decided to build my first robot which not the LMR "start here" one (that one is going to be my second one) and im using this circuit- http://costaricabeam.solarbotics.net/Circuits/Vores/555%20Photovore.png . I've tried about 10 different designs for the body but its just not working. When i cover the left photocell with my hand and the other one is exposed to light the speed of the motors is the same and same with the right photocell. has anyone tried the circuit? did it work?

How to connect SRF05 with a ribbon cable? (I'm not sure either!)

Well, I was browsing like 100s of robots on this website, many of which use the SRF05 (SRF005) and I see that HEAPS ( I did that on purpose) of them use ribbon cables (which are included when you buy this picaxe 28 pin project board. It seems much neater and easier. It would make things easier and save money. Can any1 tell me how to do this?
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Flexinol (SMA, Muscle wire)

Well, I ordered some Flexinol (http://www.dynalloy.com/#Scene_1) the other day, It should arrive tommorow. It is for a project that I will share about later (about a month or so). I orderd 5 meters which cost $50! that seems kinda steep to me. That stuff is awsome. I can't wait to play around with it!
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header pins/wires/jumpers

Hi All,

Where is a good place to get picaxe-friendly wires? By picaxe-friendly, I mean wires with female ends that i can just stick on the pins.

Do they make wires with a female on one end and a male on the other? what about male on both ends?

And what about the little jumpers used to short-curcuit pins on the board (like the one connecting v1 and v2 on the 28x board)?