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My Teen/YA Science Fiction Books


 New release !!!

Book 5 in the series is now available !

The first FIVE books in my series are available in either PAPERBACK and EBOOK forms at Amazon.com:


Book 1 - SOUL KEEPER  [ Introduction of the main characters. This story is a bit like a Harry Potter story. The main characters consider their powers to be magic.]

Working with aluminium

Does anyone know a good free online book on how to work with aluminium? Or a complete online course, like on YouTube. I've searched myself but I don't quite know what's worth spending time reading/watching. I'm interested in something that gives info on types of aluminium, probably even melting and moulding it, tools needed and how to work with those tools. 

Arduino Robotics Reference Manual for School

G'day again all.

As some of you are aware I volunteer every Friday at a local high school to teach a robotics class. These lessons have been going for 6 months now and we have covered quite a lot. I have made a few robots along the way to help teach the concepts (Ben and James) of robotics, allowing the kids to build these robots and program them.

Suggestions for a Book on Circuit Design

I have a fairly strong background in code development, but I would like to build a stronger knowledge in curcuit design. I can read a datasheet and learn how to hook up a certain component, but when it comes to using a specific component for a use other than it is designed for I lack the knowledge to know when to use a capacitor, flyback diodes, etc.


This is a eletrionic manual from the navy. Feal free to ask questions and i will do my best to answer them.


The Picaxe Programming book

I saw this and was wondering if anybody in the USA sold this book

Appently they don't ship this to the US, because it's too big/heavy.

Would like to get my hands on it.