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Worldwide Free Shipping. Why Does That Work?

Wether you order one chip, two microcontrollers, ten servos, hundred toys or thousand LEDs - you can
order them Worldwide Free Shipping from China.

When I think about that and all the hands my order go through from the online shop through local post through customs through harbor through another harbor through customs through trucks through local post to my mailbox. Shure there are even more steps and hands the order goes through.

The journey of the "Three Axis Low-g Digital Output Accelerometer"


Today FedEx came to knock to my door...And here it is! My three axis accellerometer!

Indeed, I forgot that I asked it as a sample a few months ago. It has made a looooong journey to come to me (from YUEN LONG, to be exact):


So this is package that i received:

The Picaxe Programming book

I saw this and was wondering if anybody in the USA sold this book

Appently they don't ship this to the US, because it's too big/heavy.

Would like to get my hands on it.