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Tells the direction of motion
The device uses 2 ldrs. It is programmed to check if any of them is low(I mean not receiving light). If so, then it checks if now the other one is low. Based on … Read more

ATMega:Invalid device Signature???


Yes my atmega chip is at it again ;-(.

Just after learning to burn bootloaders I was enjoying programming when one of the chips decided to go crazy.

Now it has a device signature of 0 x FF FF FF.(Read this signature from verbose output) I am getting Invalid Device Signature expected type is: 0x1e 0x95 0x0F .

Uses a smartphone to operate. It can be an assistant, pet, or a telepresence device. Can be anything depends on the mobile app you write.
Using a
Hey Guys, I know, I didn't post for a while. Didn't have time to post some of the projects, sorry about it. Alright, so here is our new project, we plan to go … Read more

Atmega - Programming Flash .. FAILED!

Hi, when I want put program in to Atmega644 it shows: Erasing device .. FAILED! , but when i click on "Read Signature" everything is OK. I am using programmer compatible with STK500 and AVR studio. Help please.