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analog line follower


Well, as ALF got retired and the motors are not available anymore I am going to build another ALF, but this time XXL.

The prototype is already breadboarded and working. The beam is made of two disposable chopsticks (what else when you live in China...LOL)

But a picture says more than a thousand words...

...and that's a nice ass...

ALF got retired

So, ALF or better the prototype board ALF got retired. And as in each case of going into retirement we just threw him a party he will never forget. 

Today ALF got the star in our photo shooting. See what hard job he had to do...and that in his age...anyway, he performed good, professional and very gentleman.

First thing was to find the black line...perfect done, ALF is lined up.

Line Follower

Hello, I am thinking to make my second beginner bot after my 'Start Here Bot'....

And this time, I choose it to be a line following bot...

For this, I would be using a pre-programmed Analog Line Following Board...


Please tell me that shall I use this chip gor my next robot


Please tell me that 'can' a line follower do some amazing things with some other little attachments?


Thanks for any help.!