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Hey LMR, 

Has anyone here got, or has heard about, the PrintrBots. I am thinking of buying one and I am just wondering about people's experiences with the company and the actual printer.

Some things I would really like to know are:

Is it worth the price? Is the liney effect that you get on prints really bad or can that be improved with tuning and experience? Can you make threads for screws accurately or is that a longshot?

Thanks Guys (and girls)

3d part printing problem

I have designed a part in OpenSCAD and also output an STL file, both attached at the bottom of this post. I tried printing at 40 to 60 mm/s the first time. Everything was good until it reached the "leg" proper. Once there, it offset the print by about half the thickness of the leg. Thinking speed might be an issue, I slowed it down to somewhere in the range of 10mm/s. I got similar results. The offset was less pronounced, but, still there and still making the part useless. Do any of you 3d printing guys have any ideas for me?