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How did you cope with the Arduino Mini 5V

The Arduino Mini and a bunch of other electronics require a 5V power source. The only way I can achieve that using standart batteries (AA, AAA) would be to use a power regulator (preferrably a low-dropout power regulator which I can't find on robotshop). So how do you suggest I get my 5V? It doesn't need to work with standart batteries - as long as the solution is cheap. What other online store would be good for a low-dropout voltage regulator? 

P.S.: This website is awesome!

Run 12V stepper with 5V??? [SOLVED]

Hey guys I have a quick question. I've never used a stepper motor before, but I have one that will fit my new robot nicely. It is a 12V motor kinda like the one below

12V stepper motor

I don't have a 12V power supply right now, only a 5V. I want to know if this motor works before I go and buy a new battery. Does anyone know if it will even work with 5V? I just need it to move just enough to let me know it works, then I'll go get a battery. 

5V and 3V together


I'm building a board that needs both 3v and 5v as it has some components working on 3v and others on 5v. Now what is the best to do in this case? I am not sure, i've analyzed some of the options but i really do not know the advantages/disadvantages of each:

- have a 5V regulator and a 3V regulator with the input connected to the 5v reg's output (could be done, the 3v reg is low dropout)

- have a 5V reg and some diodes to output 3V (or a voltage divider with resistors)

- have a 5v reg and a 3v reg with both inputs connected to the v+ on the battery 

Zen Master

I'm building a robot with many different voltages here.

I have managed to avoid voltage regulation by cheating, I run the motors that are rated for 4.5 volts at 6 volts from a RC NiCd battery, and I use an RC Electronic Speed Controller that can give 5 volts to the RC receiver, the wireless camera and the Picaxe. I feared that this might be a problem and turned to the all knowing LMR forums for help. And help I got...

Fritsl answered:

Price: $15 USD
I have yet to order one, but these things are amazing! They take a input voltage of any value between 6.3V-30VDC and it outputs a steady 5VDC at up to 1A of power! Read more

Voltage Regulator?

The 3 volts from 2 AAA's that I was using for my small project isn't enough to make it speed across carpet due to the voltage loss across the components.  The motors end up getting about 2 volts instead of the full 3 they need to even move (I've tested it).  So, I wanted to just throw in another AAA and bump the whole thing up to 4.5V (I did the math ... all the components, including the LED's, would be fine).  Only problem is ... the robot (Blinky) is so small that there's no room for another AAA battery.

5V Regulators Being stupid I can never find out how much resistor and what do i know I would need to get my 7,2V Racing pack battery to turn in to nice 5V that my … Read more