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       Hello LMR, this is Penny the 3 servo hexapod. Penny is not just a very cheap way to build a hexapod but a very cheap way to build a robot, period. I … Read more
Working arm and hand able to pick up *light materials and make hand gestures.
A while back I read an Instructables article on animatronic hands, where they ran wire through special tubing and pulled on it to simulate a finger. This was rather … Read more
Now available from PicoKit!http://www.picokit.com - A cheap and simple 3 servo robot walker that anyone can make for under $40. My students in Industrial … Read more
Does quite everything an Arduino does.
Aww yeah! Yep you heard it right! it is an arduino clone. And a very cheap one. bought all the parts at an electronic components area in Malaysia called Jalan … Read more

Very Very Cheap Platform

So, I was starting on building my second robot, and I didn't really find enough materials around. I found straws and chopsticks, so I cut them up, glue them, and made them into a cheap base for my robot.

For more info, visit http://danrobotics.weebly.com/very-very-cheap-arduino-platform.html


Cheap Junk

Hello, I'm a college student from the US. We have a local resale store called "Goodwill". You can buy RC toys (and other stuff) by the pound. The cost is like $0.70 cents per pound (+/- a pennie or two) The store has 100's of bins and they dump donated stuff in them. Then you walk around and dig for your treasure. I have purchased a few RC trucks and a tank for less than $1 USD each. So keep this in mind where you live as there might be a place like this in your town for you to scrounge cheap robot fodder.


Allows user to navigate areas and communicate remotely.
Navigate around via IR, avoid stuff.
Using a
It is my first homemade robot with microcontroller. I found some schematics in the internet and made some changes. It is controlled with Attiny 2313, robot has two … Read more

Do you guys know any cheap online stores I can still trust?

yourduino.com is cheap and honest, but they have a somewhat limited repertory of products

New to robotics and need cheap.

Hello everyone,

3D Laser scanner for 25USD

Believe it or not, but in China the people really can do things with less money then elsewhere in the world. Cheap 3D Laser Scanner for roughly 25 bucks. See that amazing results...

Update: this robot has been replaced by http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29876 First step on my way to a maze solver. This roller only have one TCRT 5000 sensor, it … Read more
Provides you with cheap alternative energy.
 Well, I just thought I'd post what I've learned about solar panels in the past month. They are actually quite simple to make and will cost you alot less then … Read more

Free Motor Controllers!

I am currently designing some very budget friendly Motor drivers, and to test the design out, I am giving away 10 free drivers! Each driver is a single or possibly dual (5 single and 5 dual) transistor based design, and cost per board is very, very low. If you would like one of these free driver boards, please post in the forum below. No restrictions! Each board ships with a application note so you know how to use it.

A few specs:

Max Voltage: 30V

Max Amperage: 0.6A

UPDATE : I've made some changes. It's smaller but for a dumb mistake now it's unstable, working on that! For the Motor Controller I'm using a L293D with a … Read more

Uber cheap build idea, needing input...

I'm looking to build an uber-cheap robot arm, with the purpose of just sitting on my desk and picking up whatever i want it to... Probably stick with a basic control (independent forward, off, reverse switches on each motor) setup. What i'm trying to figure out is, I'm planning on using a standard 3 wire (forward, ground, reverse) style motor similar to that found in a cheap rc car, yet i can't find any places to buy them, except in the cars. any sugestions?

PIR motion sensor and also other useful stuff like motor with gears, LED, switches, 3 AA batteries and connectors
Hi! A friend of mine reminded me of a cheap source of electronic components that can be used in robots. And the best thing is you can find it in every … Read more

Really cheap parts?

Hello people of the world :)

Sorry I having been posting any robots so far, but for now I need your help again :)

Servo motor for industrial arm

I have a couple of questions about buying servos. And I don't know how to google what I want so I will just ask it here.

I need a servo that has torque around 1500kg/cm. It can be AC, i have 220V for it. And it musnt be to heavy, becouse i need to make an industrial arm with it, so one would carry atleast 4 more. I would just like links for shops where i can buy that.

Save lots of time and money on components!

findchips.com is a really good site to quickly find cheap sources to the components you are looking to buy.  All you do is enter the manufacturer part number you are looking to price or buy and click enter.  You will be shown up to 27 component vendors which carry the item along with info like price, stock, package, etc.

You can use a product index such as mouser or digikey to find a part that meets your specs and copy/paste the manufacturer number into findchips.

Cheap PCB batch house

Update 05.04.11: Seeedstudio now cheaper with more options!

Remote controls an Arduino/ PICAXE board connected to a computer by another computer using a wirelles network
I've tried to do this a while ago and I've had some problems finding documentation about this, so here is a quick and simple tutorial. First of all you'll have to … Read more
Follows the light from a lighter
Using a
Hi, My name is Zuzu, I live in my masters pocket and usually I sleep at day, but at night, when all the lights goes out, I will wake up and I will seek the most … Read more
I think, it is one of the cheapest 3-axis robotic arms. It can move, kick and mainly draw in many ways. It is controlled throught PC, which sends command via serial … Read more

VB programming help wanted! Plotting serial data.

Hi guys, I`m attempting my own low speed arduino oscilloscope but have hit a brick wall with my mediocre programming skills. The arduino program and input stage works fine, it`s the PC software thats killing me.