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Picaxe Board with very small dimentions: 2.1x2.1x2.6cm (0.826x0.826x1.023inches)!
Board was Updated! Version 2.0 is done. :) I have created this small Picaxe08M2 Board so it can be integrated in small robots or other projects which require small … Read more

Using Interrupts in PICAXE 08M to change led lighting routines

I was in the process of completing this carzy project of mine, where i had a single picaxe 08m chip driving four leds (green, red and amber). Its intended to give my four year old daughter something fun to look at. However I am a bit stuck as in teh code I can only get the interrupt to fire once via teh simulator. 

Any help will be appreciated.


symbol green_led = 0

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

Measures speed of a steam locomotive, monitors water level of tender tank
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