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Arduino Romeo

Silicon Crusher

Ok, here is our entry for our company intern Sumo Robot Competition. 

The name came to me in a blink of an eye :-) Silicon Crusher (or short SC) is based on the MiniQ chassis as the other participants too. The rules are not exactly Mini Sumo rules but based on it (http://robogames.net/rules/all-sumo.php)

Arduino or Romeo ? How to adress 4 wheels/motors ?


I want to create a robot with 4 wheels that would be able to progress through a labyrinth and wouldn't cost too much (it's for a club).

Should I use an Arduino or should I use a Romeo All in one Controller ?

Is it possible to adress/work/direct 4 wheels/motors with either one of this two processors without additional cards ?

Which additional should I add If I need to add one ?