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Displays the time in binary
Hi, this is a binary clock that I made for fun out of a Teensy 2.0, some 3mm leds, and RTC, and a 3D printed shell. It displays the current time(in 24-hour … Read more
Blinks in different programable patterns
My first step to robotics.... an 3x3x3 cube Read more
Flashes LEDs in cool 3D patterns
Using a
Video 3: Completed LED Cube with 8 patterns           Read more

Can you work with LED???

Can you make a 3d LED cube with an Picaxe 28x1.  Like a 3x3x3 or bigger.  It something second I would love to do.  Robot is the first thing I want to do but learning more about LED and wanted to know if it is possible to do something like this.  I can't wait till I place my order in soon to get this and share my project with everyone.