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Best way to remove hot glue?

Yikes ! It's hapenned and I'm sure it must have happened to you - some time or another.I was just finished hot gluing my 2 servos and front ping sensor- just to find i've glued them the wrong way.(Pulling hairs out of my head right now).Now my acrylic chassis is full of that white,glossy,gluely stuff i'm trying to rip off with my nails(And its not a fast way - also prone to leaving scratches on acrylic).I want it all removed- sans any marks on the acrylic.Is there a easy, fast or effective way?

Removing Electronics Potting

Hey guys,

Anyone have any practical experience removing electronics potting?

I copied these directions online but I figured I'd ask here first as some of you guys have tricks for these kinds of tasks....


Thanks for advise!