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Connect more than one battery to Wild Thumper 4WD

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in both robotics and electronics. I have read several places that the Wild Thumper has room for more batteries, but  no directions on how to connect them. Being new to electronics, I am not sure what implications an extra 7.2. 5000mah NIMH battery would have - or how to. 

I have tried find some ready-to-use wires on the internet shops. I guess it is so simple that it is simply not needed. Anyhow, help on this issue would be appreciated :-) 



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Charging batteries

Hi I would like to make something which can be charged Without taking the batteries out of the robot. I am thinking of using nimh batteries as I have heard that lipos are crazy and hard to do.

Arduino servo


I tried to build a photovore using and arduino and tested it via usb cable,so far so good the system worked as intended as soon as i plug my battery via the dc connector the servo worked but extremly slow why?

website about batteries

Here is an excellent website about batteries and charging process :


Help with V2 on picaxe 28

While I have used my picaxe board for alot, I have never used multiple power sources on it. I have read the "Picaxe for dummies" but I feel like Im missing something. is there anyone who has a pic of thier 28 board hooked up with 2 power sources? I just need to see the wiring. Also, I'll be connecting it to 6 "AA" batteries as power (its a hacked RC car) Is that any problem? Thanks all, the sooner I figure it out, the sooner dog-bot lives!!!

In circuit charging of NIMH pack

I'll be putting together a 14.4v 5ah battery pack out of 12 solder tabbed C cells.  The raw voltage will be fed into a 100w step up DC-DC converter to supply 18v to a single board computer, and also to two

LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries in a Robot

LiPo batteries in a robot. Anyone ever tried?

I just thought if they work for fast RC Cars they mighit just work for my slow moving robots. Of course they are more expensive and you need a proper charger but when I think of all the batteries I have bought over the years I could have paied for quite a few.



servo power

this hasn't happened but say if i pluged as many servos as i could in my board would they have enugh power ? would i need a second battery pack?, where would i atach it? and how would i stop it from destroying my microcontroller?



constant 4.5 V supply using batteries?

how may i get a constant power supply of 4.5 Volt

using batteries?


Best way to Power an 8 servo - Quadbot

Hi. I want to power a Dagu Qadbot without sources, only batteries, but don't know the best way to Do it. It uses 8 micro servo - 8g, 4~6V, and draw a current that I don't know the specific value as I didn't find a Datasheet.


So, as I'm almost sure that only Arduino will not be able to power the 8 servos, I'm thinking about 2 solutions:


1st - Use 4AA Battery to power - the Arduino i parallel with the servos. This way I'd power the servos directly and just connect the digital pin to the arduino. 

NiZn 1.6V rechargeable batteries

I was at a gem and mineral show today and ran across a rechargeable battery technology I had never heard of before. The NiZn 1.6V batteries are fairly new, though they've been around longer than I would have suspected.

At 1.6V these AA and AA batteries are a lot closer to the voltage of the equivalent 1.5V alkaline. The vendor whose table I saw them at uses them for his UV light (used for examining fluorecing minerals). These lights won't run with 1.2V NiCad or NiMh, but they work just fine with the 1.6V NiZn batteries.

PIR motion sensor and also other useful stuff like motor with gears, LED, switches, 3 AA batteries and connectors
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Powering an Arduino: batteries/USB

I have an Arduino, with a Sharp IR sensor connected to it, and code that basically says:

If analog value from Sharp > certain value, turn LED on.

else, turn LED off.

When I plug my Arduino into my computer, and power it via USB, this works perfectly.

However, when I power it by batteries (4 x AAA), the LED is always on, even when there is nothing near the Sharp at all. Can anyone give an explanation of why this happens, or a solution to this problem?

Question about batteries

Hi again,

I have a RC Apache helicopter from JayCar (Australia) and 'I think' the battery is dead, seeing it won't turn on. I know its has 7.4 volts and is 850Ah, but to replace the battery would cost $50.

Would it be possible to replace the battery with 5 1.5v AA or AAA bateries instead?


Working out battery requirements


I'm putting together a shopping list of parts for my second robot but I come from a programming background and my electronics knowledge is still in its infancy, so I'm not sure how to work out what batteries I need.

In my last robot I was able to power two lego motors and my Arduino from 8 x AA rechargeable batteries; but this was simply because the lego battery pack came in that configuration and I tried pluggin it into the Arduino and luckily it worked.

I'm now leaving the lego behind and want to run two of these motors:

Power regulation on 24V system

I need some ideas for deriving power for the electronics and servos on Yard Gnome. YD has a single large 24V motor that is powered by two 12V batteries in series.


How should Arduino be Powered ??

Hi guys, I have finished making my first robot. It was all possible because of LMR. Now one last doubt for it. For my arduino robot to freely roam I will need to power my board with some batteries. Could you tell me the amperage and voltage of the battery so that I can buy one. Will it be OK if I just attach some batteries to it directly with something connected to it so that it will fit in the power socket of my arduino board ?? Thanks for your help.

NiCad vs NiMH batteries

I wanna buy a charger and some batteries so I've been doing a bit of research on the different types. However the information I found is somewhat confusing and outright contradictory. And in any case I'd like to hear about the experiences you guys have had using NiHM and/or NiCad batteries...

Which would be the better choice? Pros and cons?

Wanting to hook up batteries to 3 servos

I want to hook up 3 servos to some batteries.  Since it show it operate at 4.8v and 6v, that mean I need 6v to get the most out of one.  Does that also mean I just need 6v for altogether to make them all move.  They will all be moving at the same time.  I figure I would need more V then that but maybe it would have to do with mah.  Could someone explain how it able to all three use the same power source.  Also does having more mah mean the battery last longer or make it stronger??? thanks in advance.