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HC-SR04 Ultrasound

Knocks Objects Around the House
Using a
Hello All,   The world is full of obstacles, and Fightron 1.0 here, is ready to knock out some, in his own robotic journey.   After recently building an obstacle … Read more
Remote Controlled Robot, Navigate around via ultrasound
Using a
After some weeks of browsing this website, I felt inspired to built something, so, here is the first robot that I'm currently working on. The idea of this project … Read more
Navigates around via ultrasound.
Using a
The GDR Mk1 is my first robot.  It operates on the basic concept of the "Let's Get Started" robot here, except I'm using all sorts of different components.  … Read more
UPDATE : October 23, 2012 Apparently some guys got trouble opening the CorelDraw files attached before. So I exported those files into various extension : cmx (to … Read more