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control servo speed

Everything you never wanted to know about two wheel drive.

Platform Drive Control.

This platform is driven by two wheels mounted so that the wheel axis
is just off center. There is a small caster wheel mounted in the 'rear'.

At this time there is no speed control feedback.

Maneuvers are accomplished by independent but coordinated control of
each wheel motor.

The drive motors are servos that have been hacked to continuous rotation.
The servo hack involved pulling the feedback control board and pot as
well as cutting the stop on the main gear. Thus the servos are converted

increase servo speed

Hi guys


i have built a well running heapod based on the picaxe 18x controller board


only thing i notice, compring with some  the bots here, is that the servos seem so slow


can i speed them somehow




AXE031 servo controller - set speed?

Hi Everyone

 Can someone (frits I know you have done it) help me with the AXE031 sevo controller board. I've got it working based on the example in the instructions (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/axe031.pdf), but I can't figure out how to control the servo speed. Any chance of some sample code?


Thanks guys.