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       Hello LMR, this is Penny the 3 servo hexapod. Penny is not just a very cheap way to build a hexapod but a very cheap way to build a robot, period. I … Read more

The Arduino has an awesome new editor.

I have always liked "Code Blocks" as a powerful code editor (and compiler, if set up properly). It is "feature rich" Nice,

There is now a version of this editor for the Arduino!!! (I use and appreciate the original Arduino sketch editor, but it leaves a lot to ask for and I am getting a bit tired of it....

So far, as a demo Code Blocks recreated the good old "blink" program and then compiled it and could run on it on an Arduino. Wow!

This is a fairly early version of the Arduino version and I expect more than its share of problems, but this is a GREAT start!!!

  da Vinci is an etch-a-sketch robot. He is capable of etching low resolution images in grey-scale. Let’s get to the build process.   I first went searching for … Read more

Sketch to CAD?

I have a paper & pencil sketch of my robotic design and I was wondering if there is anyway to easily create a CAD model by scanning my sketch into the computer. I user Google SketchUp and Alibre Xpress (yeah I'm cheap) and I can't afford anything "more advanced".  If there's anyway to do this, I would love to know, or if you could point me to a tutorial, that would be greatly appreciated.



The challenge of building a 1st bot..


I got my arduino mega in the post a few days back and having been playing around lighting up LEDs. Thought id get started with constructing my 1st bot. Hence i rigged up 2 motors, a dual mc33887 motor driver, a 6v supply and the mega board. Uploaded a sample code to see if it would turn the motors. Voila!! Nothing happens. Nothing whirring, no sound, no ecstasy. No nothing. 

Its quite obvious that my bot wont perform with stationary wheels.

Still trying to find a solution. Images of connection, mc33887 truth table and sample code below.

Code help, please

I have been trying to use Guibots xbee example of controlling 2 led's with 2 pots. I want to control a servo with a pot through xbee. using the servo.h sketch the below is what i have, but cant seem to get it to turn the servo. if i hook it up directly with no xbee involved, it works fine. so my problem is taking the example servo.h scketch and being able to break it into two sketches. send and a receive. i appreciate any help.

 looking at the below can you tell what i am doing wrong?

crazy ideas crazy sketches

I started a flickr account for hi-res scans of my pencil drawings. Let's see how that cooperates with lmr.

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Unfortunately, the notes in the picture do not show up on LMR. You'll have to click on the image and read them on flickr. More ideas after the >CLICK< .


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