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Happy Valentine's Day

As a maker or electronic hobbyist, what special gift have you made for your lover today?

ICStation use 22pcs MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module and make this gift for all ICStation fans and wish you Happy Valentine’s Day.

How do you like it? :)

DIY LED Sign with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module STM8S003F3 MCU for AVR PIC MSP430 Arduino ARM STM32

To satisfy electronic DIY hobbyists, ICStation has developed MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module. It uses the Max7219 chip which do a great job on saving of MCU I/O. It can not only control each point individually, but also can be extended without limitation to meet your requirements on LED Sign, Team Logo and so on.

Facial expressions for interactive robots
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MAX7219 display help

I have an Arduino driving 6 separate MAX7219 displays. My data will display very quickly for a split second, but then disappear. Each one can be driven fine when only one is running. What is happening? More info can be provided if needed.