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For those who missed the Pixy (CMU5)

I think I'm with a few who actually supported the Pixy Kickstarter and is now waiting for the camera.  I'd say "waiting patiently" but I'm not, I'm already scouting alternatives.  One of these dangerousprototypes posted about awhile back.  But the guy (Mux) who is (single handed?) developing it seems to be pretty dedicated. 

Here's the last update.

Face Tracking Using OpenCV and Processing (Error)

UPDATE: As i said guys, when the face tracking program is launched immediately on start-up, i don't get this error, otherwise i do. Now, the program has launched, without an error, but the display output is totally black. Any suggestions guys?

I also referred to CP's solution to this same problem, ON A LAPTOP, but to no avail. I installed quicktime, and a vdig driver, but no progress till now.


Hello guys,

Listens, Speaks, Looks around, Face tracking, Tweets, and kind of interacts
Using a
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Listens, Talks, Moves, Keeps me sane (debatable)
Using a
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Tracks faces and orientates the camera so that the face is always in the middle
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