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Female jumper wires

Hi guys, im looking for a UK source of female-female jumper wires, seems a bit tricky so far. I have found these:


Yes i know they are male to male, but i wonder if anyone knows if the male 'pins' could come out, or are the soldered crimped on etc etc. or if any of you know of another source. I got hammered by import duty when using a US source recently :(




Arduino, holding wires in without soldering?

So I am building/ working on my robot, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24204 and I didn't want to solder the wires into my arduino. Whenever I moved robot, the wires come out of the pins. Currently I am using scotch tape, I know not very professional. I was wondering if there is any other way to keep the wires from coming out?




Connecting Abritrary Wires to Breadboard


I've got a pair of GM10 Solarbotics motors with very thin wires.  I want to connect them to a breadboard - what's the best way of doing this?  For now, I'll probably solder them to some connectors cut off the jumper wires I normally use, but was wondering if there are any better suggestions?