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Ultra Sound

What is a space rover A space Rover is a robot which is capable of moving over a rough and difficult terrain and greater information based on what task the robot … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound
Using a
Update 25 October 2013 Today I worked some more on Fluffy and I guess he/she is almost finished. I got to test drive him and he works like a charm. Doesn't bump … Read more
I designed and built this vehicle as a senior project. The vehicle is loosely based on the army MarcBot, one of the first sugv's, but with some upgrades specially … Read more
This is my first robotic project, I already have some programming background (had some basic VB.net, java and (plc) step7 at school) which is very usefull. These … Read more
Navigate around via ultrasound
This is my first robot, it simply avoids obstacles by using an ultrasonic sensor. It uses an Arduino as its brain, a pair of DC motors for locomotion and a small … Read more