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GOTO FAIL:The next time you feel bad about coding, refer to this.

I hope I'm not the only one who spotted this on Wired.com, but it's nice to know that even the biggest baddest a$$es in coding make mistakes.  This isn't one that would throw a compilation in xCode though-or even get noticed.

Do you see it?  Here's how Wired explains it:

High-function exploration platform, MacIntosh computer based with arm and iSight on Roomba
Using a
"Yubin Kun" is the first robot to join the human cause in Dr. Daniel H. Wilson's book "Robopocalypse." The only things my Yubin Kun has in common with his namesake … Read more

Chess Engine Update 4/3/11

Well by luck I happened to find some one elses chess robot in one of the instructables contest. He was using Apple script to communicate with a terminal chess engine. That is about as much as I read into his project when I was like "Apple script?"

17" Powerbook Anyone?

So this might be a tad out of this forum's scope, but I also have a 17" first generation powerbook I am looking to let go. 1Ghz processor and 867MB ram. Has 1 cosmetic ding in the lower right corner. An iSight and few other goodies can be included if interested. Check the pics and shoot me an offer.