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ir sensor and ultrasonic

hay guys me again!

just wondering what the pros and cons of both of these sensors are and the one i should use in my first project.

Differences between arduino and arduino pro microcontrollers

The reason why I am asking this is that Robotshop has some serious issues regarding the shipping of a plain, simple arduino mini microcontroller. However, the arduino mini pro microcontroller seems to be in stock. I am planning on re-using the microcontroller. Can I use a mini pro microcontroller instead? What will I lose?

RepRap Conversion for a set of Probotix SideStep Stepper Motor Drivers


An Arduino or similar microcontroller shall be used to create a RepRap-style front-end for the HobbyCNC EZ Driver board or similar DB-25 controlled stepper driver.  This front-end microcontroller application would allow RepRap applications to control a number of powerful CNC machines.


Hello! I was wondering if anybody could help me determine compatibility issues :(

Dear Robot enthusiasts,

Hello all!  This is my first question on here so please feel free to critique my writing style.