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I'm assuming you clicked on this forum topic because you're interested in either robotics news or you're just bored. Anyways, I run a webstie called SimpleBotics. Everyday, I write about robotics news and robots that have recently been developed by hobbyists, univerisities, or corporations. Any other occassion includes a new tutorial or just random robotics info. However. my site is mainly targteted towards robotics news. Thanks for reading, and my site is at http://www.simplebotics.blogspot.com .

Techfest 2009


Techfest is the Annual International Science and Technology Festival of IIT Bombay and one of the largest festivals of its kind in Asia.It receives participation of over 45,000 students and professionals from all over the world. Innovative competitions catering to diverse sections, Exhibitions of the cutting edge research being carried out in all parts of the world, Lectures by eminent scientists are among the many events that are organized as a part of Techfest. The twelfth edition of Techfest is planned to be held from 24th to 26th January 2009.