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On-line electronics store up and running

After a few false starts, my on-line store is running! I have absolutely no experience setting up a website but it is coming along quite well. Over the next couple weeks I will be adding over 2000 items to my catalog and actually added about a hundred today.

Comments & suggestions are welcome.



question on a h-bridge circuit I found on this page

Hello everyone,

well, I´m pretty new to this community and I hope this post is not too dumb in your eyes. I´m more at home when it comes to computers but as soon as I get into contact with circuits and means to make a computer sense the "real world", I thought about giving it the opportunity to drive around next to other actions. In fact I´m trying my best to deal with microcontrollers and learn by doing.

I decided to try making an Arduino Pro Mini at home.  Being done, it's not worth it.  You can buy one for a dollar more than you can make them, and it took awhile … Read more

Tiny Soldering Techniques

I have a Logitech C500 webcam that I would like to pull the imaging sensor out of, but keep it wired to the original board (on longer cables). The chip itself is about 9mm square, and has around a dozen output pins on each side of it (4 sides).

Is it even possible to do this do you think? Without super special equipment (I have an ok soldering iron).

Hakko 888 review (Do I really need to?)

This is more of a follow-up to my review of the "9936" soldering iron that disappointed me so badly in my last blog entry.  Let me begin by saying that the problem with the iPad is that it makes it way to easy to buy things while you're taking a crap.

Lead-free solder?

Is it worth to buy lead-free solder? It looks like a good idea at first, but then you realise that lead never reaches its evaporating temperature while soldering... Is that actually true? Some people say that the toxic fumes come from the flux and rosin and other stuff, but not from lead. Other sources complain about lead-free solder being more difficult to work with than normal solder. Any recommandations/personal experience with lead-free solder? I also want to ask if I really need to open a window while soldering (I don't have vents in the room I will be soldering).

Just made my first SMD soldering

Today I made my first SMD soldering. This is where I started:

FT232RL and SSOP28 adapter

And this is what I ended up with:


my soldering iron and solder wont work

my soldering iron and solder dont work they just dont stick if you get me it just turns in to a ball and makes a mess wont stick to the iron at all


I'm getting a new soldering iron to build my first robot. I bought the LMR bundle and was wondering what would be the best iron and tip for this. Also, what would be the best kind of solder to use? Thanks in advance.

Why did my soldering iron explode?

I just replaced the tip of my TC201 iron (on a WTCPS soldering station), with a new PTA8 tip, and went downstairs to get some coffee.  *BANG*  I ran upstairs to see what had happened and found my soldering iron laying across the workbench a half meter away from the soldering station (not on the stand), and frantic investigation located the PTA8 tip near the station (it bounced off the stand) and the copper insert (the heat-conducting element) a quarter meter away from the soldering station.

So why did my soldering iron's tip explosively separate?  What the heck?

Propeller Platform Video Howto

I got a new camera for Christmas (Happy New Year!), and I decided to make a 'how to put together a Propeller Platform' video.  Are these types of videos useful?

I don't think a video alone is enough for a howto (the Prop Platform has a written guide, too), but I was thinking there are a few 'advanced' techniques that beginners might benefit from seeing on video.  What do you think?

Photocell to motor circuit not working. :(

Ok, to make sure I would not mess up I got a little help reading the circuit from Instructables. After following this word for word, I found that my circuit simply did not work, and when I touched the transistor it was extremely hot.


Here is what I put together following the instructions:


[Honestly, that's the best photo I got.]


No cables... solder some?


 I made my first newbie error and sent mail rather than a post ;) However -

I have all the parts for the simple robot, the one in the 'how to make your first robot' section' But i didnt read carefully and forgot to check parts.. so my sharp sensor doesnt have cables!

wondering if anyone knows how to solder a set of wires and make your own cable - im generally quite handy with my soldering iron ;)

 Kind regards,



Soldering iron not hot enough?

I've got a really crappy soldering iron so that very well could be the cause of my problem, but I want to be sure before I head to Radio Shack and drop some cash.  See, I know that you're supposed to heat the connection and then apply the solder onto the joint, rather than putting the solder directly on the iron and letting it melt.  But when I use the correct method, the joint doesn't get hot enough for the solder to melt!

Soldering :P

Hello, i need help :)

I have a perfboard, of the kind with all holes isolated from each other, like this one. I then have two of this male header strip inserted on the perfboar, parallel and spaced by one empy hole row. Now i have to solder the pins of one line with the one of the other, it making many 3-holes connection bridges (i hope i explained clearly).