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gesture controlled robot

Using gestures and voice commands to control the robot

Couple of months ago we decide to participate in Intel's perceptual computing challenge (http://perceptualchallenge.intel.com). The idea was to extend driver cockpit application to control Veterobot (http://veterobot.org) with gestures and voice recognition. We are using detected thumb position in 3D space. Position along horizontal axis is used as a steering signal and distance to the camera (depth) to control acceleration (forward and backward).

It was a fun exercise but some more tuning is still required to achieve smooth control experience. So it is work in progress.

Hand Gesture Recognition using matlab


I'm working on a hand gesture controlled robot using matlab and AVR development board. I came to know that finger detection / Counting is possible with Neural networks. Can any one help me on this. I have written a matlab code that identifies centroid of hand and it will send serial data as it comes to a predefiend location. Thanks in advance...

Adarsh :)

Gesture controlled wireless robot

I'm currently working on a hand gesture cntroled wireless robot using mat lab. I have written a mat lab code using colour detection. And it will send serial data to the my bot using rf transmitter module. I'm finding difficulty in interfacing serial port with rf transmitter. I'll be so thank full if any one can help me on this. Thanks in advance.