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Hotend and filament - What to get?

G'day all o/

Just a quick question. I at the buying of hotend stage of my Prusa i2 build and am confussed with all these filament and nozzle diameter options. 

What do you think would be the best filament size? 3 or 1.75mm? What is the difference in application?

What nozzle size should I get? Something bigger or something smaller? Again, what can I expect out of either?

Children of the corn... and... ahem petroleum too

Well, finally the Makibox is supposed to start production this week. Meanwhile I can just stare at this:

while I wait for my order to be produced and shipped :P

Yup, I just couldn't help myself and got a roll of ABS and another of PLA :|

This will be a (near) future project. I plan to finish the 3D printer before I worry about completing this plastic filament making machine, but I have a good start … Read more