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Stays "alive" by navigating towards bright light sources
Updated 28/10/2009 Added a video of the bot in motion. Description This is my first vibrobot. I've wanted to create a phototropic BEAM vibrobot for a long time … Read more


hello folks..

i took a look at the easy aurdino robot using LDR found at this location 


i am making the same using AT89S52 controller. I wanted to ask how is can I interface the LDR using ADC 0808. I mean what clock frequency should i be using and how. Also how can i implement turning of the chasis without jerks.

I am turning the chasis by stopping one motor and letting the other run.


ldr test

I made a simple test project just to see how an ldr works... i used a servo to indicate the light level read from the ldr...

The video is a bit shaky, but i think it is good enough for its purposes :P 

R3's eye, and trying to aim the robot

So I'm trying to add an "eye" to R3. Mechanically it's simple enough, I just stuck an LDR between ground and one of the analog inputs. Since the input has a built-in pullup resistor that should effectively create a voltage divider. No problem, that works as expected. Now I want the robot to spin in place, stopping every 45 degrees to take a light reading. Since the motors are just modified servos with no feedback it took some fiddling. After a bit of trial and error I find that running both motors for 300 millis rotates the bot 1/8 turn.

Beleive it or not, that thing without real shapes is a robot! It's my first attempt to make a bot with a brain, a picaxe 18X. He moves with 2 home-made continuous … Read more

LDR Cyclops - holding, scanning, seeking, recalling

Continuation from here.

Video straight from the camera to Youtube (Sorry Oddbot).


 Continued here.

Rudimentary LDR eye

Old idea rekindled

This idea about very basic robot vision haunted me ever since I first saw AmandaLDR. Even before it was named after a canine. It's somewhat inspired by the evolution of the first eyes in nature: just a bunch of light sensitive cells on your rump.

combined analog input

Ahoy me hearties!

I'm working on a bot that will have a lot of sensor requirements. It must be able to sense objects both at the top and the bottom of the frame. Since I don't want to have to keep track of 8+ sensors, I was hoping to combine some of the sensor inputs.

For example, the bot will react the same to an object sensed at the bottom as one at the top, can I combine them?

Will this schematic work? And if so, will the adc reading be a sum of both sensors, or merely the highest one?


Detects objects at close range. Can be used for object tracking.
Now with video of the sensor being used as a Mintvelt inspired object tracker! This sensor is a short range obstacle detector with no dead zone. It has a reasonably … Read more
Chase The Light, bumping into everything
Here is a brainless, nameless, clueless little vehicle that chases the light. It's a photovore. Well, it actually is just a photophile. It does not eat the light, … Read more
Make a robot sense stuff in dark or light conditions.. guided by visible light
Update: I am tired of it being named "FritsLDR", I cannot post to people "Try using FritsLDR", it is just too self centered. And I would just love to see some more … Read more