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Inspire Kids about Robotics
Inspired by the community forum we had at the Campus Party in Berlin I went on and created a little robot build course for kids in the age of 12 to 16. Since … Read more

tables, desks, benches

My lab will finally be complete with a workbench that will hopefully clear my desk-proper from all the electronics crud.

I bought a few pieces of whitewood (spruce, vuren) that I will assemble this week.


Oh, I know: the legs go under the table.

Edit 9 nov 2008:

It's done! It's smaller than even I feared it would be. Some pics:

robotlab is no node no more

Today I officially deleted the "robot page" about my lab.

As promised to Frits; when I would build a "proper bot" (hmm catchy name), I would replace the lab page with a bot page. And so I did. Check out 1069-A1. And my (almost) finished lab. Nothing more than a blog post now...