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Code Post - Interfacing Arduino and Python

This is something I've done by hand at least ten times and always seem to lose it so I've decided to post it here. It is an easy way to debug and test stuff will developing software for the Arduino (or any Microcontroller really). There is a python code that sends string messages to the arduino over serial based on which arrow key on your keyboard is pressed. There is also an Arduino code that listens for these messages, then repeats the message back to the PC to make sure it went through.

You can glow LED in 512000 colours using keyboard keys
I created this software using Processing software. If the selector is set in red, then the software sends values from 0 to 79, depending upon how much brightness is … Read more

Devices not used to their full potential

It seems to me some very cheap devices are not used to their full potential in robotics. Currently I am focused on optical mice. There are tutorials on the web and even an easy to use PS2 library for Arduino but I never see a robot on LMR using them.

I am currently experimenting with a cheap PS2 optical mouse as a high resolution quadrature encoder. With a resolution of 800 DPI, I can get an accuracy of 3600 counts per revolution (1/10th of a degree) by having the sensor mounted near the outer edge of a disc about 40mm in diameter.

Virtual Keyboard (Reads ASCII data from COM port)

Here is a program that reads Serial data, ASCII, and turns that into keyboard strokes. Works with the Serial.print command in the Arduino IDE. (Not sure how it works for Picaxe!)


About halfway down.. kind of hard to see the download link.

This is Cacaphonix, named after the bard in the "Asterix and Oblix" cartoons because it makes a terrible noise in an attempt to make music. Unfortunately for … Read more
Allows you to input keyboard commands into your picaxe
Using a
So one thing that I have been wanting to do is connect a keyboard (PS/2) to the Picaxe. This is the first step to a whole slew of applications. Control Robots with … Read more