Let's Make Robots!


Bob lifts bear.

I've been playing around with my Robonova, trying to get it to climb a rope. It is a lot more difficult than it appears, due to the balance when the robot is hanging by his hands. There is really not enough freedom of movement in his hands and arms, to do this successfully.

Anyway, he will pull on a rope though........ ;)

Finished today, after weeks and weeks of planning and construction, a new pair of hands for my Robonova, inspired by the Mellissa hands. The time taken is a best … Read more


Today I started to design a robot for a simple task of crushing aluminium pop/soda cans. 


An earlier non-robotic 'plan' involved a PVC (drain actually) pipe mounted as a 'handrail' on our basement stairwell, which one dropped the can into the tube and gravity whisked it away to a waiting bag at the bottom of the steps. 

 Well, we now have about 200 (no lie) cans that all need crushed and we need a plan to crush them with a minimal involvement as possible.  high capacity would be nice too.