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KiCad problems on windows 8


Don't know if this is the best place to ask about this sort of stuff, but here it is:

free 2d CAD


Since secondary school, I've been using a student version of the cad package they use (2d design). However, it is awful, and is even more so now I've left, as I can't;

Webcam interface with button listener and settings menu

Saw this on my buddy's email. he's a freelance programmer, someone asked him to make this... i think it's an awesome idea. gonna learn to program just to make it (my buddy will charge me an arm and a leg to give me a copy when he's done, and he'll register it as freeware). what do you think?

Easy Robotics opinion question.

While encouraging David C. To learn to program for something other than a robot, I realized I was being kind of a hypocrite. I enjoy building the hardware more than programming. Not that I don't enjoy programming, just that the initial thrill of seeing the the completed machine is kind of an experiential apex. Is that the norm? Is it kind of like that arty/techy thing we had a while ago?

Support site for DAGU kits and products

G'day Everyone,

I have been designing products for DAGU for over 2 years now. During this time I have always tried to provide technical support and help in general here on LMR. I will still continue to do so but previously I had trouble uploading manuals because of upload limits.

A Complete Design and install solution of mechanical, hardware, electronics, plastic injection, installation and software. 4,250 pixels under glass floor, interactive using real time Vision analysis. Plays Videos. 20 Meters x 5 Meters. R&D and implementation of a suitable Image Processing Pipeline of Fisheye Transform, Affine, Population Threshold, Crop, Blob Size Filter, Smooth Hull, Blob Tracking and Replace of Blobs and show of statistics
An interactive floor uplit with 4,250 pixels, 20 Meters x 5 Meters. Capable of playing Video or doing Vision Tracking Interactive using real time Vision … Read more

PCB design software (EDA) for Linux users

I am using my Ubuntu laptop more and more often. And today I found myself wanting to throw together a simple schematic for posting on LMR. So I needed to find a CAD program for that. One that works on Linux.

Shouting in the shoutbox is fun and all, but valuable info gets lost. So please everyone, use this thread to post your experiences and recommendations.

So far I discovered in my Ubuntu (10.04) repository:

google them for links or downloads. I will post my experiences with them here as I gather them.

Controls arduino's Inputs and Outputs
UPDATE - 15 September 2010: Here is the second version.  No crossing lines this time, the digital pins are broken in two blocks, and the enumeration of them goes … Read more

Robotics software (LMR Toolkit)

I saw the program Speed Calculator v1.2 by djhesit8 and I got inspired.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a LMR Toolkit program in which you could do
many computations and simulations to support your robot making process.

Now my question to you is:
What features would you like this program to have? So what processes /
calculations are you doing at the moment that you would like to have

Serial oscilloscope

Hi guys,

I'm currently programming a software oscilloscope based on C++ and DirectX, thus the performance is very good. It works directly off the serial/COM ports. I was just wondering..is anyone else interested in such a thing?

I'm programming it for my Arduino BUT it should be able to work with Picaxe(or anything else) too. It's not gonna be a fancy pro application, but it works pretty damn well :) For now it's rather limited since it only accepts 8 bit values...well for now...

Concept Design Software

I discovered this really cool software called AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro 2010. Its great for putting your concept ideas down. I have to get use to drawing with a stylus yet. I am going to use this on my project ideas at school. Its pretty inexpensive also. Here is my first attempt at drawing something.

concept design


I found this 40-pin chip in a CPU battery. It is labeled PIC16C74B-04/P. I have the datasheet, but that's not my best language. i just want to know if its possible to use this as the ones used in LMR - if is possible to make a robot with this chip and what would i need to program it. I read something about ICSP(in-circuit serial programming), which I believe is the process used with this chip, but that's as far as I go. Thanks.

Would anyone be interested in an XMOS challenge?

UPDATE: If you have a YouTube account or use YouTube, add/view our "MyXMOS" channel for latest videos and XMOS news!



The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:


aka Rudolph's Noisemaker Tool for Arduino

I wanted my current robot project to make cool bleeps bloops and other stupid noises. Instead of just doing it I spent three days writing software to make an easy job "easier". Well, okay, I spent two days doing it wrong, then switched to Python and tried again. This package is the end result. It consists of an Arduino sketch that makes noise from numbers, and a GUI Python frontend to make it "clickier" (oooh).

Best Software for Robots

Best software for robots - linux software - http://www.linux-soft.org %)

Loosing coms with my Robot while programming

Recently I've had trouble programming Junior. The Picaxe programming editor would come up with a com port fault. At first I thought it was my cable, I couldn't find an obvious fault so I fitted a new plug on the end going to the robot incase I had an intermitant fault. It seem to be fine but soon the error returned. I checked the computer and Juniors mainboard with no luck. I would be able to make 5 or 6 changes to the program and then the coms error would be back.

Schematic design software

I'm not positive this is the right place to post this.  Admins please move it if I'm asking in the wrong place.