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For those who missed the Pixy (CMU5)

I think I'm with a few who actually supported the Pixy Kickstarter and is now waiting for the camera.  I'd say "waiting patiently" but I'm not, I'm already scouting alternatives.  One of these dangerousprototypes posted about awhile back.  But the guy (Mux) who is (single handed?) developing it seems to be pretty dedicated. 

Here's the last update.

This is the fusion of my old Qwerkbot project and a 4WD base, with omniwheels replacing the originals. I've also attached one of Oddbot's compound IR sensors for … Read more
Web-controllable roaming camera; autonomous object tracking / obstacle avoidance with IR
Using a
 Latest Update: New 4WD base with omni wheels- see new 'QwerkRover' project! My first robot. I added a couple of features to the "Qwerkbot+" recipe- a sharp IR … Read more