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4 servo walker

Walks using 4 servos, Navigates using ultrasound, Plays little tunes
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30 Sep 2013: Q*Bot received a rebuild over the weekend since I stole a bunch of his parts to build Duckling... I had to buy Q*Bot some new parts and decided to use … Read more
Biped that navigates via Ultrasound. (4-servo walker, inspired by seeing BoB)
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Posting my first robot on LMR. I've been obsessed with robots my whole life, so I'm sad I didn't find this place earlier! Anyway, onto this robot... I've been keen … Read more
Walk around, Fighting , Dancing, and Light Seeker.
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Hey LMR! Just finished 80% hardware of my new robot named BBbotz(Baby Box robot + z(to make look cool)). Somehow the project already run for 4 days. This robot … Read more

WhiteBOB - preview

This is WhiteBOB, my member of the BOB family. Because I have no access to a 3D-printer this robot is build from polystyrene sheets (3 and 1mm) and a piece of PVC corner strip.