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Control Blender3D objects remotely

I just made a very simple example using Zeroc's Ice which illustrates how to control Blender objects remotely using Ice. Since Blender can run Python scripts, the idea is to write Ice server which can modify certain object properties (for example location). Corresponding client application can remotely invoke server methods and control objects remotely. Sources are available on GitHub. The first video illustrates how it works.

picaxe 18x

Hi, Everbody,

I want to simulation with Proteus about my  first robot. I want to use ultrasonic sensor for my robot. But, there isn't ultrasonic sensör in the Proteus. Can you help me?What do you recommend for my robot?

I have another question. I will use Picaxe18x for my robot. I don't understand generic pin. Can you explain for me,please?

Thank you so much.

which program do you recommend for picaxe18x,please?

Hi everbody,

I want to use picaxe18x for my project but, i didn't find simulation program. Can you help me, please?

I'm student so i prefer free program. Thank you. I wait your answer.


UPDATE 07.27.11 I have written a maze solving simulator and embedded it online. It allows users to build a maze and have a virtual robot solve it using the left … Read more

Engineers Build Ferrari Simulator with Robot Arm

Difference between men and boys = the pricetag of the toys


Hello, everyone.  I was wondering if anyone has ever done anything with Player/Stage.  If you don't know what it is, it's open source software that you can use to simulate your robot.  I've done a little work with it, but I can't really find any good resources for it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.