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Introduction to GR Sakura - Development board

Sakura? What's that ?

A royal sake brand ?Premium car Polish?(Sorry Oddbot ...had to put that in...)

A cherry blossom tree?(Well it means that literally!)

Simply put I guess you've never heard of it.But now you Are reading about it and if you're reading ..You'll soon Know about it.(Well that's rather my intention anyways).So here goes... the first introduction to GR Sakura Development Board here on LMR.

First lets start with a nerdy introduction...

New Robotic development board..

Hi LMR world... Developing my knowledges with incredible speed im getting closer and closer to my development board.... Ill be happy if i can get your support in this not so easy for me "marathon" from you...^_^ 

What is the best programmer/development board for someone new?

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction.  I'm looking for a programmer/development board that your only limited to your knowledge and right now I don't have much, but will want to expand upon it without buying a whole new programmer/development board.  So I'm also looking for something that will be easy to get started in also with tutorial to get you up and running.  I don't want to start with something and be cut off and have to go out and buy something completely new and start all over again learning.  What would anyone recommend for me and had experience in?