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Initial Project - Dremel Drill Press and Table Saw

Hello all,

I am about to begin my initial build soon - a Dremel powered dual purpose drill press and table saw.  Now, I know that this may seem NOT related to a robot topic, but I will be using this tool project as the stepping stone for building an Arduino CNC with REPRAP software (similar to the LIL CNC in instructables.com) while re-using as many of the tablesaw parts as possible in the CNC. 

My goals are simple:

1. build the dremel (2 in 1) table saw

Dremel cutting and engraving :P

So i finally purchased my dremel, and made some tests of both cutting and engraving. I havent used cutting disks yet, only the cutting tip.

The first thing i have to say is: man that thing is dangerous :) Use some safety goggles if you have to use it! The second thing is that it takes a while to get hand with it. At first it just keeps going crazy and shooting particles of stuff around, with a particular aim for your eyes and face :P After some test i managed to make an almost straight line, and then i had some fun engraving stuff :P