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Follow Dark and Light Lines
Using a
Tracer is a simple linefollowing robot that has the ability to follow light or dark lines. It is able to do this through taking advantage of four photoresistors. … Read more

Comparator circuit question

I have been playing around with BEAM robotics and I have found answers to a lot of my questions but this one still persists. Why does there have to be a pull-up resistor? Can`t I interpret the signal without it? My first guess is that if Vin is smaller than Vref then V+ at the top of the pull-up circuit will be grounded through the op-amp so that Vo is grounded as well. In the other case, electricity flows through Vo and I can use the signal to activate a transistor.

Follows a line without a brain
HD-Bot is my first intend in building robots. His name is is derived from his chassis, which is an an old hard disk case. There is no controller onboard, the motors … Read more
Price: $1 USD
Voltage comparators are very useful components that does just what the name tells you: it compares voltages (duh!). A voltage comparator can be seen as a … Read more