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Pixy Out of Box

Well, it finally came in, the Pixy CMUcam5.

I'm still working with it, but wanted to make a real quick note about a few things.

Waiting for a Pixy and Thinking of Challenge

I don't know how many of you ordered a Pixy from their Kickstarter, but I've seen the camera mentioned several times on LMR.

I was thinking of issuing a challenge to see who comes up with the first Pixy aided robot but I think such a challenge needs to be better defined.

What would be a good challenge? Line following with Pixy as the only sensor?

For those who missed the Pixy (CMU5)

I think I'm with a few who actually supported the Pixy Kickstarter and is now waiting for the camera.  I'd say "waiting patiently" but I'm not, I'm already scouting alternatives.  One of these dangerousprototypes posted about awhile back.  But the guy (Mux) who is (single handed?) developing it seems to be pretty dedicated. 

Here's the last update.