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Remote controlled telepresence rover
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RalphBot has been in progress for about 3 years now and has gone through several revisions as I have had time to work on him. He started out as a quadruped bot, but … Read more

Robo-Philosophy:Is it really "obstacle avoidance?"

This is a quick and easy one. The Roomba, as cool as it is, doesn't really "avoid" obstacles as much as just not keep trying to go through them. When your only sensor on a project is an impact/contact detector, is it still obstacle avoidance? If it isn't, what would you call it? I have a few bots that work like that-it doesn't make them any less robots.
High-function exploration platform, MacIntosh computer based with arm and iSight on Roomba
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"Yubin Kun" is the first robot to join the human cause in Dr. Daniel H. Wilson's book "Robopocalypse." The only things my Yubin Kun has in common with his namesake … Read more

floor cleaning

I am no robotics pro, but have an idea that has merit in my work. I want to build a bot, likely based on a heavy "battlebot" off the shelf chassis. This will be mounted with rotor swinging "swiffer" or similar treated dusters. The idea is to automate dust mopping of very large floor areas in a nuclear power plant, and possible adapt the machine to decontaminate radiologically dirty areas.

This robot is navigates by (avoiding) wall and cliff. It moves around the floor, vacuuming it.
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As my first microcontroller robot, I have made a two-wheeled robot with bumper switches and edge-detction (because I have death-causing cliffs in my house). The … Read more