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Inspire Kids about Robotics
Inspired by the community forum we had at the Campus Party in Berlin I went on and created a little robot build course for kids in the age of 12 to 16. Since … Read more

Robots Community and Tutorials www.botstop.net

Hello every at Lets Make Robots, Happy Birthday.

I would like to make you aware of a website I am starting up, BotStop.NET. You can upload your robot to have it reviewed by others in the robotics community, read and make suggestions towards robotics tutorials, take part in competitions to win parts and components for your creations, or chat in the forums.

And one more lesson for you children...

Save your final paper in many places, that way you don't accidentially delete something and have to rewrite the ENTIRE paper in 2 hours using a finger with a hole in it.

*falls over dead* 


Documentation - redundancy redundancy redundancy!