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Router bot

hey guys,

I trying to build a router bot.the thing i have are:-

ardiuno uno

ardiuno ethernet shield

ip camera

belkin router.

do i need any thing else to control my router bot from internet . i want to be able to control my bot from any where in the world through internet...(without hacking the router)

how do i do it?

do i have everything required? 

i dont understand how i can acess my router on the robot throut internet on a different area..?can any body please explain ??

Components ordered

Finally ordered the basic components for the auto-aiming wireless repeater bot, everything other than the servos and wheels basically :) Bought from Baltic Networks who had great prices and pre-sales support.

Basic platform is the Ubuiquiti RouterStation @ $63 (going to be running OpenWRT).  Much more powerful than a usual robotics board (and much larger) but I'm definitely hoping that the GPIO pins are enough for the servo control.

command an actuator through wifi
Using a
This describes how to use the GPIO on a wireless router as binary outputs and how to control your electronics from the linux commandline. Software I started out … Read more

sweet! (home area network)

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A colleague gave me this linksys WRT54. The dreamed version with the lotta-RAM and lotta-flash. For free.