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light sensor

Light Following Robot without using microcontroller. This wheeled robot does not avoid collision. It runs towards the light or just brighter areas.
The gear motor wheels, multi-directional wheel and the plastic sheet. I cut out 6 x 13 cm plastic for base. Glued the wheels to make the body and connected the … Read more

Trying to use a light sensor to control a stepper motor

So this code finally works, how do i change it from a light sensor to infrared sensor?

int dirPin = 8;

int stepperPin = 7;


void setup() {


  pinMode(dirPin, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(stepperPin, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(A0, INPUT);


void step(boolean dir,int steps){



  for(int i=0;i<steps;i++)


    digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);


Draws interesting patterns using light sensitive behavior.
Using a
This robot is named for the main character in the song "Baby Brother" by the White Stripes, although I have yet to get it to crawl on the ceiling, swim underwater, … Read more
Avoiding obstacles, chasing light
Using a
Inspired by many other mouse bots I want to build my own one. Some parts are already collected and ready to being used. The bot should follow the light, detecting … Read more

Dust sensor


this is my first post. 

Arduino and TSL230R ic light sensor


Found this great article(via the sparkfun site) on using a tsl230r light sensor with an arduino.

The guy actaully uses  a slick way to measure the pulses. This could be useful for other projects as well. 


As a side, the light sensor mentioned can be picked up at local radio shacks, for those of us that have them around. I think they are just a couple bux. Very worth getting.