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Trouble Posting Pictures

I am having a new issue with trying to post pictures in my in-work robot project, TG1.  The Insert/Edit Image window isn't working for me. I get a beep when when I click on browse button and nothing happens. I experimented with turning off popup blocker, lowering security settings, etc but nothing has worked yet. Any body else seen that? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.

Bulk Picture uploading

Is there a mass upload tool for pictures on this website?

130 Megapixel camera

Check out this brilliant idea from a Japan amateur fotographer. He used an optical lens and a scanner to make pictures with 130-megapixel. This is a resoltion of 13,068 x 10,173 at almost no cost. See it here.

The best pictures

In other fora I often get nice feedback on my footage of my robots. Such as "I like the way you filmed it" etc. Nobody on LMR has been that kind, but that should not stop me from acting clever in here! 

The "trick" is simple; Go down, boy!